Health, Education and Healing for All

The Wellness Coalition-El

In 2008, The Wellness Coalition-El launched its alternative healing practice in Illinois, Louisiana, New York and California. In 2015, we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of California, For national fundraising support we have a  funding sponsorship through AAIME, a business association that helps small businesses get started. We have provided services in Illinois, Louisiana and California for more than eight years.

Our mission is to bring self-awareness, self-advocacy and self-healing techniques to the forgotten, underserved, high risk communities of the world. Through research, education, enhanced nutrition, stress reduction techniques, alternative/preventative treatments, partnerships and theatrical endeavors, we offer a path to a happier, healthier, wiser and more prosperous living.

Goals for 2018:

  • To service at least 5,000 people across the country between January 1 and December 31.

  • To raise $250,000 in funding by years' end.

  • To open the first of many Wellness Centers


Our TRAVELING CLINIC services are offered to the general public free of charge or at affordable prices. For example, a 30-minute session of Seichim-Reiki, our premiere energy touch therapy, costs only $45 or less. Compared to some practitioner fees that can go as high as $90 or even $150/hour, clearly our pricing schedule for the Traveling Clinics makes our services more affordable and accessible to individuals with no, low or moderate incomes.

We believe in treating the whole person—body, mind and soul. Our holistic approach both complements traditional medical practices and fills treatment gaps left by some. The ultimate goal is wellness through self-awareness & self-advocacy for all.