Seichim-Reiki-1 hour/$125

(Both Japanese and Egyptian symbols are used to promote balanced energy) Sound Therapy and Cord-Cutting are a offered with S-R. in a session with Ora

 C.I.E.R./ 1 hour/$85

(Clear Iridescent Energy Ray)

A powerful, intelligent healing modality Given to Nefer Khepri through Archangel Michael. Ora is one of only 13 healers who are practitioners, at present. Sound Therapy is a part of the experience  in a session with Ora.

Sound Therapy/ 1 hour @ $75

Using Muscle testing, to determine areas of imbalance, we offer over 600 frequencies to help energetically  balance dis-orders or disease in the body. Seichim-Reiki is also used during the session.  

Chakra TuneUp™- 30 mins/$75


Both the Chakra and Solfeggio scale are used to strengthen and repair the chakras & reset DNA to help you activate your purpose.

Deluxe Ear Coning—45 mins/$55

(Clears debris while offering Seichim-Reiki and special oils for ears and neck)

House Blessing/Clearing- Starts at $50. Goes up depending on size of home. 

Meditation and Visualization—1 hour/$75private. $40/person (LivingRoom/Group Sessions- Groups of 7 to 10)

(Stress release programs customized to any person or schedule. 

Forgiveness Coaching—1 hour/$100 private. 

(An extension of Spiritual Counseling that focuses on releasing grief/loss feelings around specific people and situations. SRT/Tapping & Meditation/Visualization are also used )

SRT(Spiritual Response Therapy) groups:$40 (LivingRoom/Group Sessions- Groups of 7 to 10) Individual: $80

Spiritual Response Therapy(SRT) gets to the very root of the energetic program causing your specific issue. Using special charts and a pendulum, Minis. Ora B Nance-Woodley finds the patterns of negative energy, whether in past, present or future lives and, through Higher Self, removes or "clears" this energy from your Akashic Records, releasing pain and restoring harmony. The effect of this work is amazingly profound. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life. 

Muscle Testing  Private: $75. $44/person (LivingRoom/Group Sessions- Groups of 7-10)

Muscle Testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses when applying slight pressure to a muscle, to provide information on energy blockages, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities. It can also be used to test the body’s responses to herbs and other remedies.

In this session you will experience testing your chakras, glands, organs and any allergies. We will discuss the results and check your body to see what energy work might best support your wellness plan. 

3-Deck Readings: $60/person. (45 mins- an hour). Covers galactic heritage and this influences you currently.

We provide unique workshops in your home called, The LivingRoom Series or at a site near you:

Each person is promised specific attention. These classes 

  • Seichim-Reiki

  • Integrated Meridian Touch Therapy (sessions available)

  • Living the 5D Life(5 steps to Manifesting your desires)

  • Creating Effective Affirmations and Sigils

  • Muscle Testing

  • Forgiveness Coaching

  • DNA Detox/Energy Transfer Reset

  • Call: 213/537-2804 or email us at twcelinfo@gmail.com for further details


Sliding scale rates are available for the income distressed

Good health & wellness is our greatest commodity. Energy wellness is an essential component to any wellness plan, many ancient medicine paths say that, meridians, chakras & your energy field are the best ways to address the subtle energy system issues that can often be one of the underlining causes of physical challenges.


Energy Rods™  are an ancient approach to a timeless need:

How do you help yourself generate the energy (from inside out) to be effective each day? 

With less than 15 mins anytime in your day.  Energy Rods™ can help you more energy & better focus. By just holding your personal Energy Rods.


Originally used by pharaohs & their royal families these were intended to strengthen the body, raise your consciousness, and maintain your subtle body. These Rods offer similar value  & more because instead of having 3 levels of energy offered in 3 different sets, we offer all 3 levels in one set of Rods.


Our energy rods help you to clear the chakras and energy field. Because of the energy work, Seichim-Reiki, prayers, Sunbathing, etc., activating the crystals, minerals and metal what you have with this product is a "block softener" that can make a healers work easier. I use it with my clients as a kind of tenderizer for easier release of blocks.

Suggestions, Disclaimers, Return policy:

Drink a glass of water before and after use.

ALWAYS place L rod in the left hand and R rod in Right hand.

NEVER open Rods. Seal caps are very fragile.

This is an educational/entertainment product. We do not sanction any other use other than the one stated in this material. If you choose to use the Rods in other way, you are solely responsible for that choice. We are not doctors and do not suggest the Rods over any prescribed treatments by your medical providers.


If you are dissatisfied with the product you may return it with the reasons for your return. Call  or text us @ 213/537-2804. You will receive up to 90% back within 4 weeks of our receipt of product.

Testimonials can be sent to the same phone number….We LOVE to see videos of you using the Energy Rods™ . The best will appear on our website!


Energy Rods $100/pair

Customized: $125 (Initialed)