Traveling Wellness Clinics

At our traveling clinics, our services are offered to the general public free of charge or at affordable prices. For
example, a 30-minute session of Seichim-Reiki or CIER, our premiere energy touch therapies, costs only $35-
40. Compared to some practitioner fees that can go as high as $150/ hour, clearly our pricing schedule makes
our services more affordable and accessible to individuals with no, low or moderate incomes.
We believe in treating the whole person—body, mind and soul. Our holistic approach both complement
traditional medical practices, it also fills treatment gaps left by them. The ultimate goal is wellness.  
To provide the best service, we maintain a roster of highly skilled practitioners who are knowledgeable,
communicative and passionate.

We offer more than 25 different alternative modalities, including varieties of therapeutic massage, Cranial
Sacral Therapy, Seichim-Reiki, Deluxe Ear Coning, Reflexology, Integrated Meridian Touch Therapy (IMTT),
crystal therapy, sound therapy, facials, acupuncture, Tapping (four types), muscle testing and others.
Included in every clinic is a section we like to call Sekhmet Sessions  ™ . Similar to Ted Talks ™ , pioneers,
practitioners and researchers in the alternative healing field present and demonstrate the most effective healing
techniques, both new and ancient. Examples of past Sekhmet Sessions include:


  •  The World of Tapping: Learn How to Alleviate Pain and Stress in This One Session (Keith R. Woodley)


  •  Cranial Sacral Massage: Your Brain, the Orange (Stacy Harris)


  •  What is Seichim-Reiki? (Minister Ora B. Nance-Woodley)


  •  Spiritual Response Therapy: Healing Through Soul Alignment (Minister Ora B. Nance-Woodley)


  •  Brain Health (Gloria Flores, Craniosacral teacher)


  •  Brain, Body and Hormonal Health (Gary Hunt, Nutritional Supplements Consultant)


  •  Sound Therapy and Meditation (Minister Ora B. Nance-Woodley)


  •  Integrated Meridian Touch Therapy (IMTT) Keith R. Woodley, SRMT


  • Accupressure Techniques you can use at home (Elen Lauper LaC)

Outside of the Traveling Clinics, we are happy to connect you with any practitioner you may’ve met at one of

our events. We can also, assist you in determining what would be the energy treatment for your challenge.

Call 213/537-2804 and leave your questions